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Capt. Danno Wise

Capt. Danno Wise has lived along the Gulf Coast of Texas his entire life. And, Danno has spent a lifetime making a living from being outdoors - first as a hunting and fishing guide, later as a boat captain, snorkel and scuba diving tour leader, and finally as an outdoor writer, artist and photographer.


Currently, in addition to guiding light-tackle anglers and fly fishers in the pristine waters of the Lower Laguna Madre near the Texas/Mexico border, Danno is the publisher of and contributing editor and illustrator for Texas Outdoors Journal. Additionally, he is the former host of the Island Angler radio show. As a freelance writer, his work frequently appears in a number of state, regional and national publications.  

Making his home along the shores of the Lower Laguna Madre, in Laguna Vista, Texas, Danno has plenty of opportunities to enjoy this world class fishery. When not guiding clients, Danno is often on the water developing story lines or capturing images. In addition to writing outdoor and travel articles, Danno also has a self-syndicated illustrated children's column, CoastWise Kids, a monthly illustrated how-to columns in Texas Outdoors Journal, and provides photos, technical illustrations and fine art for a variety of publications and productions, as well as private individuals.


Danno also makes numerous appearances at boat and fishing shows throughout the year. Capt. Danno is available for personal appearances, to conduct seminars and classes or for consultation. Contact him at (956) 371-4099 or for more information.

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